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1933 - 1984




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Welcome to the Worthington West-Franklin High School website.  It was established to preserve the memory of the school and those who attended it and to enable attendees to keep in contact.


Alma Mater

Oh Alma Mater strong and true
To thee we lift our song in praise
Green and white thy colors fly
O Raise we then the joyous shout
Hail to thee our school so dear
And life to all our comrades here
Worthington-West Franklin High
We’ll praise thy name as years go by.
When September arrives
And activities start,
Much fills our days,
We can't tell them apart:
We cherish them all,
But our memory's not clear.
So in order to keep them,
We've stored them in here,
Now as they all happened,
We've recorded each treasure,
And when we have finished,
You can read them with pleasure.
words by
Albert Croyle (Class of 1959)











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